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  2. Hello, I´d like to buy two of your titles, Nikon 40 and Guide to DSLR, does any comes with Spanish translation?, how can I order both to be send in one package?

    Im in Colombia, south america, how does it takes to arrive?,

  3. I bought this DVD 3 weeks ago and it is excellent, its packed with tips and information and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I see you have done an ebook on Photo shop perhaps you could do one for Elements for us less technical people

  4. I bought this DVD 3 weeks ago and it is excellent, its packed with tips and information and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  5. Dear Vincent : I ordered the DVD (with receipt ID 2016 1000 4395 5026) and would like to get an estimate timing on the shipment, or advise if any tracking system in place so I can monitor online? Awaiting your reply.

    Kind regards,

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  7. Chris,

    I will be putting up a short preview over the weekend. Unfortunately I am not geared up just yet to offer a download service, but we are looking into this for future releases.

    As a rough guide the DVD cost in US dollars is $24 + $4.00 p&p

    The DVD runs for just short of two hours (118 minutes to be exact)

  8. I’m interested, however, its hard to pull the trigger on something like this since no preview video is available for review. I have several DVDs that are similar but aren’t worth price of the disc they are recorded on. They’re over marketed but the content is so basic that they are of no use to me.

    Also, is there a downloadable version available? I know 4.7 GB is a lot to download unless segmented by chapter.

    Lastly, what is the total cost of the DVD in US dollars to my door step if download is unavailable?

  9. I’m eager to purchase the DVD, but the website will not accept my Mastercard for payment. ?????

  10. Like Don Rosser (Oct 21, 2010) I received your Free Disc with the Amateur Photographer of 2 October 2010. The cover to the DVD says that Full version of the Guide to DSLR Photography can be bought from you for £7.99+P&P by going online to buy from you direct. However, on going to your site it is shown as £14.99+P&P.
    Yours sincerely,
    Terry Cliss

  11. Hi, Vincent.
    Re: AP readers offer.
    I have again tried to pay with Master card on PayPal.
    No luck in doing so. I will be sending a Sterling Bank draft
    to cover the cost. Re: A Guide to DSLR Photography.

  12. Why is this DVD £7.99 on offer in the magazine yet it wants £14.99 when I go to pay for it.

  13. I have no control on the cards that PayPal accepts. I am not sure what is wrong here as Mastercard should be OK. I will look into it. Other wise you could always post a cheque to us.

    PO Box 113
    BR7 6WR

    I will include this address on the order page

  14. Hi,
    Thank you for you response. I have tried to order a copy of A Guide to DSLR Photography.
    But i keep getting {I cannot order with this card} It is an AIB.Mastercard. any ideas whats wrong.

  15. I will place a link on the site today. Sorry for the delay, this was beyond our control. We will be shipping the full product out from the 25th October onwards.

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