2 comments on “EPSON R3000 A3+ printer

  1. Vincent,

    When you come to review it, I am very interested in how Epson have overcome the problems I’ve found with my R2880.

    1. Black ink swops now a thing of the past, so the admitted bug in the R2880 driver should be history, but does it waste much ink flushing out lines?

    2. The R2880 prints on Epson Premium Glossy have always been too dark using Epsons own paper profile. I know this was an issue you raised when you reviewed it. I got around this by getting a custom profile made, but its to Epsons shame that they did not solve the issue themselves, but I’m very interested to know if the problem remains with the R3000.

    3. Feeding the R2880 with canvas needed a bit of ingenuity. Has this been made any easier on the 3000?


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