6 comments on “Epson R3000 review

  1. I did point out in the review that this printer was a pre-production model. Generally I do not review pre-production units in great depth. However, this one did look interesting. As far as quality is concerned, it is better than the R2880 both in performance and build quality. As for print quality, the printer should deliver excellent quality with a good set of profiles. I would not be concerned about these as they are easy to generate yourself or download.

  2. Reading the review it seems that print quality is not as good as for the r2880.
    I’m going to buy my first printer(finally I leave my beloved darkroom), I prefer r3000 for the two black inside and the larger ink cartridges, but, as any old maniacal analogic printer, I would like to have the best print quality.
    Could you tell me if, as it seems from the review, r2880 is really better?

  3. Did you check that this printer has no replaceable maintenance cartridge and if so what life can be extected before the ink pads are full?

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