2 comments on “photo critique – Doo Lough

  1. I find the B&W renditions I see, often tend to lack that bit of magic that warrants the conversion. When I have asked some people why a B&W rendition, it often comes down down to; couldn’t get the colour balance right or needed too much retouching in colour – although I am sure that does not apply here.

    With respect to the B&W image, I think it might look better with more foreground and less sky – this would move the moon away from the top 1/3rd line giving more emphasis to the other elements of the composition – also agree with bez – the size of the moon is a little too big (but not as small as bez did it).

    I think the colour image would be a better picture than the B&W were it made the same brightness for the cliffs and water and cropped as above. The colour is anyway quite monochromatic and I would also explore a hint of blue wash in the highlighted water.

    Vincent is getting there with his rendition although would be a little bright for a moonlight shot (which his is not of course).

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