4 comments on “Printing Masterclass – Getting Started

  1. Hello can you do a printing masterclass on the Canon pixma pro 1 and especially printer settings ( and all the tabs and options) and canvas/ fine art- I sure wish someone could log in remote and help me get further: I have good results with colormunki but the canvas prints from my ex B9180 pro were SO much better and I don’t know where I am missing it or how to fix—

  2. Phil,

    I will be covering colour management in the next Printing Masterclass, this will be on-line later this week. I will also be publishing a detailed review on tools required for creating profiles etc. (X-Rite, Datacolor and SilverFast)

  3. Vincent,

    Is it possible to show us how to set the colour controls on an Epson printer from the camera settings through to the printer settings?

    Kind regards

    Phil Bacon

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