One comment on “DXO Viewpoint review

  1. I wonder how much of this is rlaely an issue in a practical sense. I mean, if you shot an image that needs 3+ stops of lifting shadows, you are probably exposing your photos incorrectly. The only use I can think of, is to create surreal, artificial looking HDRs out of a single RAW file. Sure, there is a (tiny) market for that sort of photography, but I fail to see why anyone would want those painting-style photographs for normal or even commercial use. I highly doubt that, for 99% of the photographs, you, or anyone else would be able to pick these banding patterns or blotching in a Canon photo. For that matter, I’m confident that you couldn’t tell a canon, pentax, nikon photo apart from the image quality alone (not lens artifacts), for 99% of the snaps. I am of the opinion that good technique up front will largely eliminate your need for doing things like what you mention.

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