5 comments on “Plustek OpticFilm 120 Medium Format Scanner

  1. I used the plustek 35mm scanner for a while and found it varied between ‘ok’ and very poor. The fixed focus lens was its achilles heel, by comparison the Nikon5000 (with auto-focusing) is superb. For 6×7 etc I use the Epson v750 with doug fisher holder, carefully edjusted for optimum focus which is good, but I feel could be better. Does this unit have an ability to focus (If so I’m in the queue), or is it fixed focus (in which case, maybe a second hand Nikon9000 for me) ?

  2. Film scanners will always produce the best results. However, they will cost substantially more than a good flatbed scanner. I use the Epson V750 for all my film scanning and it does a very good job too, although you will have to master Un Sharp Masking techniques to get the best results. SilverFast supports Kodachrome scanning and the results are very impressive.

  3. I am a hobbyist who has several thousand kodachrome asa 25 slides. I am debating between this plustech opticfilm 120 and the reflecta digitdia 6000 as well as a Nikon Coolscan 9000 (or maybe even the Epson perfection v7000 if I am going overboard with these others). So a review or advice comparing how they work with kodachrome would be much appreciated.

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