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Olympus announce OM-D Photography Playground Berlin trip competition.

Jeongmoon Choi – Drawing in Space

Jeongmoon Choi – Drawing in Space

Following last week’s successful launch of the OM-D Photography Playground in Germany’s capital city we have decided to give one lucky Twitter / Facebook follower (plus a friend) the chance to visit this amazing interactive exhibition.

All entrants have to do is send a tweet to @OlympusUK using the hashtag #omdphotographyplayground by May 9. We’ll then pick a winner at random on May 10 who will be treated to flights and a hotel courtesy of us and the Photography Playground. 

Martin Butler – Alice through the key hole

Martin Butler – Alice through the key hole

Further details on the competition can be found on our Facebook page:

The Olympus OM-D Photography Playground opened last week in Berlin and runs until May 24. Visitors are given the opportunity to borrow an OM-D while they tour the playground and snap away while taking in this most extraordinary exhibition. Unfortunately the OM-D does have to be handed back before leaving but you do get to keep your memory card for posterity. 

United Visual Artists – Vanishing point

United Visual Artists – Vanishing point

More information on the exhibition can be found on the official site: 


Due to time constraints etc. before entering entrants must ensure they will be able to travel by May 23, also we’re afraid we can only offer this competition up to UK & Ireland.

Create Your Own World

Olympus OM-D: Photography Playground

What happens when Jeongmoon Choi, Martin Butler, Shan Blume, Starstyling, Numen / For Use, Julian Charrière, UnitedVisualArtists, Tim John and Sven Meyer & Kim Pörksen, Speech and Zimoun are given an area of approx. 7,000 m² to get creative on? The result is the OM-D: Photography Playground – a unique and interactive exhibition on the subject of “Space and Art” at the Opernwerkstätten Berlin, Zinnowitzer Str. 9. It runs from 26 April until 24 May 2013 and opens daily between 11 am and 7 pm. Admission is free.

The OM-D: Photography Playground is an extraordinary group exhibition with site-specific interactive installations, which approaches the topic “Space and Art” from different angles and transforms this unique location in Berlin-Mitte into a giant playground. Visitors are invited to embark on an exceptional journey of exploration. The tool to experience the exhibition on every level is the system camera OM-D from Olympus. It can be rented free of charge on site and allows experimenting without restraints. New forms of perception open up to its users and what is not visible to the naked eye at first glance can be captured perfectly.

Part of the international team is, among others, Korean artist Jeongmoon Choi. Her elaborately spun installation “Drawing in Space”, illuminated by ultraviolet light, shapes new contours, creates boundaries or tears them down. In the installation “Eat me Drink me” by British interdisciplinary artist Martin Butler, visitors become part of the artwork and can experience spatial and optical illusion themselves.  Shan Blume uses lasers to construct and deconstruct rooms.  Numen / For Use covers areas with agiant accessible net, enabling visitors to explore regions which would normally not be within their reach.  Julian Charrière, former pupil of Ólafur Elíasson, composes a fascinating space experiment that constantly changes. Starstyling dedicate themselves to what we can observe on us and others on a daily basis: fashion. In their concept, visitors are model, photographer or both at the same time.

 The exhibition is designed as an interactive experience for both artists and visitors, encouraging them to look at the Opernwerkstätten from an artistic point of view. Visitors are freed from their role as recipients, so they can interact and get involved creatively. They are invited to discover the installations and artworks with all their senses, while forming and capturing their own ideas from and with the OM-D. Jenny Falckenberg curates the exhibition; the overall management is in the hands of the agency vitamin e and Leigh Sachwitz with her Berlin-based agency flora & faunavisions.

The OM-D: Photography Playground opens daily from 26 April until 24 May  2013 at the Opernwerkstätten Berlin between 11 am and 7 pm. Admission is free and visitors can rent the system camera OM-D from Olympus at no charge to discover the playground with.

You can find further information on the artists and the OM-D: Photography Playground from the beginning of April under the following link:

About the Olympus OM-D

It looks like the legendary Olympus OM from the seventies and convinces with ground-breaking technologies. The dust- and splashproof OM-D is the first digital mirrorless system camera from Olympus with an integrated electronic viewfinder. In contrast to optical viewfinders, it allows checking the results of manual adjustments and the application of the creative art filters right away. Further highlights are the 5-axis system for image stabilisation (IS), the ultra-fast autofocus, an innovative 16MP Live MOS sensor and the powerful TruePic VI image processor.