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Marly, Switzerland, 31st July 2013. ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH, one of the world class leaders in imaging coating technology, has announced that it is for sale.

The company owns one of the most iconic brands in the imaging industry and has been manufacturing world class photo inkjet products at its sophisticated multi-layer coating facility  in  Switzerland  since  the  inception  of  digital  imaging.  ILFORD  Imaging Switzerland  GmbH  is  a  world  leader  in  nanotechnology  and  complex  multi-curtain coating layers. In addition to inkjet photo paper and traditional colour display films for the professional  market,  the  coating  technology  can  be  used  in  a  broad  range  of applications including optical films for TV or LED lamps, and sensors for medial equipment. The company also develops and manufactures ink and dyes for the printing industry.

ILFORD also has a worldwide brand reputation within the imaging marketplace and products within its GALERIE inkjet photo paper brand have recently won a number of industry awards and accolades. It recently introduced a range of revolutionary products into the commercial wide format space at the international Fespa exhibition in London.

At the end  of June ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH announced that it was in financial difficulty with a liquidity issue and in agreement with its then shareholder, informed the Swiss Courts of its situation.

ILFORD  Imaging  Switzerland  is  a  major  employer  within  the  locality  and  has  a worldwide brand reputation within the imaging market, and as a result of this the Court granted the Management additional time, up to mid August, to find a short or medium term investor to save the business.

“On Monday 29th July, as part of the conditions set down by the Judge, we informed the local Court of our current financial status and we are waiting their final decision on how they would like us to proceed’ stated Paul Willems, CEO. “We have the continued support of the local authorities and have a solid business plan which projects key growth for the business in new and innovative channels. I strongly believe that with the right partner, ILFORD Imaging Switzerland will be able to realise its growth strategy and provide any investor with an excellent return,” concludes Willems.


Founded in 1879, ILFORD is a leading player in the development and manufacture of consumables for both inkjet printing and colour photographic processes as well as other coated products. The worldwide businesses include R&D and manufacturing operations in Switzerland, with sales operations in the USA, Belgium and Japan.

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 Lytro announces UK availability of world’s first consumer light field camera

Lytro gives users the ability to refocus pictures after they are taken and capture interactive, living images

London, England. – July 16th, 2013 – Lytro today announces that its consumer light field camera, that offers a new way to take and experience pictures, will be available in the UK from July.

Unlike conventional cameras, the Lytro light field camera captures all rays of light in a scene, providing capabilities that haven’t been seen before, such as the ability to focus a picture after it’s taken. The pocket-sized camera, which offers a powerful 8x optical zoom and f/2 lens in an iconic design, creates interactive “living pictures,” that can be endlessly refocused. The Lytro camera is available in two models and five colours from Dixons Travel, Harrods and John Lewis online, with prices starting from £399.

CLICK on image to select a new focus point

The innovative Lytro camera features a light field sensor that collects the colour, intensity and the direction of every light ray flowing into the camera, capturing fundamentally different data from the scene. This provides users with two initial light field capabilities, including the ability to refocus once a photo is taken and shift the perspective in a scene. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Lytro camera has no unnecessary modes or dials, just two buttons (power and shutter) and an intuitive glass touchscreen that enables pictures to be viewed and refocused directly on the camera.


Making it easy to enhance light field pictures once they’re taken, Lytro also provides users with Living Filters. With a single click, photographers can apply one of nine interactive filters to an image to change the look of it. Additionally, users can share living pictures on the go through the Lytro Mobile App. Camera owners and non-camera owners alike can download the app to experience living pictures on their iOS device, including refocusing pictures and experiencing Perspective Shift, with no special software required.

CLICK on image to select a new focus point

LytroThis announcement marks continued momentum for Lytro, which has seen increasing demand for light field technology in the US and around the world. Jason Rosenthal, CEO of Lytro comments: “With light field technology there is a huge opportunity for creativity in photography that hasn’t been possible in the past. We’ve seen amazing, creative and interactive pictures from camera owners in other countries, and we’re looking forward to seeing living pictures from our UK customers.”

Availability and Price

The Lytro camera is available online at John Lewis from 22nd July through UK distributor Softline, and in retail stores Dixons Travel and Harrods from August, priced at:
·      Graphite, Electric Blue, Moxie Pink: 8GB Lytro Camera- £399.00
·      Red Hot: 16 GB Lytro Camera- £469.00