Problems with display calibration

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Problems with display calibration

Postby ksporry » Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:21 am

So I got myself an x-rite i1DisplayPro calibration tool.
Although I understand the need for calibrating monitors I'm not familiar with the background science, nor do I want to be.
Using the i1DP did raise some questions at my end.
First time I ran it I just ran the basic GUI, which ran through a basic version of the calibration process. It presented me with a small patch sample, which finishes fairly quickly. The calibration had quite a pronounced effect.
I then decided to run it in advanced mode, selecting a Large patch sample. I was somewhat surprised to find that the result gave much more green in it.
Today I tried running the advanced mode using a medium patch sample. The result in colour tone seemed to be similar to the Large mode, but significantly less bright.
For comparison I tried running it through DisplayCal, an open source calibration software based on Argyl. This seemed to be brighter that the medium size i1DP software sample.

Taking the DisplayCal SW as a standard:
1) The i1DP software at Basic seems to be similar but slightly darker and slightly more contrasty.
2) The i1DP software at Advanced Medium patch sample seems much more subdued. Much less bright, warmer and less magenta (slightly more green)
3) The i1DP software at Advanced Large patch sample seems much brighter than the medium sample. It's also slightly more green than the DisplayCal

I repeated the measurements with the x-rite software several times and its pretty consistent in the results it provides so Basic is always more magenta and bright, Medium is always more subdued and slightly greenish, and Large is always more bright and greenish.
Honestly I'm not sure what profile to use. I didn't expect such a big difference.
I was going to attached the screenshots, so you can see the difference, but obviously that won't work.
Any thoughts/recommendation?

Note, I'm using a Mac Air 11" at the moment.
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Re: Problems with display calibration

Postby Costas L » Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:10 pm

Medium is always more subdued and slightly greenish

My guess would be your screen is not consistent in brightness and colour across the screen hence the different results. If your laptop has the capability, I would try to set the screen display controls manually to your target brightness white point, then run the calibration.

If not, I would start with the medium calibration and see how it compares to any prints made.
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