Scanning fim versus re-photographing on a DSLR

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Scanning fim versus re-photographing on a DSLR

Postby Paul Warner » Fri Jan 01, 2016 6:02 pm

I have recently discovered many claims that it is far better to re-photograph your film negatives using a DSLR (preferably full frame), than it is to scan them on the type of flatbed or neg' scanner likely to be available to most of us. This interests me as I still like to use my old Rollei TLR and Leica M4 outfits, and have been considering some of the dedicated film scanning offerings available from the Reflecta Proscan range.
The technique involves placing your negative on a LED 'light pad' (good choice on Amazon), then carefully re-photographing it with a suitable macro type lens (I have a Tamron SP 90mm which I generally use with my old Canon 5D). I recently managed to get a nice copy stand on eBay so that set-up, focussing and framing should be easier and more accurate than via some of the table-top DIY methods suggested.
I have seen very convincing comparisons of this method against results obtained via both Epson's V700/750 flatbeds and some dedicated film scanners. However I am still at the research stage and would like to know if any of you have tried this out for yourselves. I would value your input, as always!
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