how to use roll paper on epson pro 4000

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how to use roll paper on epson pro 4000

Postby ksporry » Sat Jun 28, 2008 12:22 am

I've been at this all nite and I am fed up.
Can someone please tell me how I can print a panoramic print on roll paper using CS2 on a MAC (so please now windows advice) using an epson pro 4000?
I constantly get the message that the wrong paper source is selected.
Roll paper is fed into the printer, I select A2 roll paper (any of the A2 roll paper options), or I try a custom paper size (42x120 cm) on page setup. For paper I select velvet fine art paper (I don't really know what kind of paper it is to be honest), because that will select the rear feed. Unless I am mistaken (quite possible) the rear feed is used by roll paper.

This does not work. I tried setting to A2, but then I get only an A2 size part of my print, and still it won't print anyway with the same annoying message.
I don't have these problems with my R1800. With the R1800 I just select roll paper and everything automatically prints perfect, but not the pro 4000, can someone please explain to me what settings I have to use in page setup of CS2 and what settings I have to use in the printer driver of the pro 4000 printer ?
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