Something like the 9180, but bigger?

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Something like the 9180, but bigger?

Postby johnintheuk » Fri Sep 19, 2008 3:48 pm

First of all, sorry for another one. :wink: But I have a specific reference I'd like to compare a large format printer to - the 9180.

I've spent quite a while comparing the samples in the reviews section for the fine art printers, and the B9180 / 8850 seems to have the most true to original colour output and accuracy for detail.

I'm in the process of photographing a number of oil paintings, that I'm thinking of selling as prints.

If I send the prints out to be done I doubt it'll be long before I could have paid for the printer, but if I bought it I'd also have the printer myself.

The only thing that bothers me about the 9180/8850 is the paper size. A3+ will probably do for most of the prints, since most people don't want gigantic prints. But some of them may be a squeeze.

Are there any other options available that will produce the same exacting quality of these printers but off the roll in large format? It wouldn't have to be much bigger.

If anyone has any comments or opinions on using this printer for art prints, I'm all ears - I don't want to end up with a lemon of coarse and buyers are going to be very picky. I'm sure I could do colour corrections on the digital copies to account for errors in the printer, but it's not something I really want to start with - so I can't really have a printer that adds it's own feel to the colours. The others reviewed on the site were certainly good, but the 9180 really impressed me with it's colours and detail - they seem right.

The majority of the prints I'll be doing are from oil on canvas and colour rich, so I expect it'll rinse through ink. It'd need to produce extremely solid colours to replicate the solid nature of the oil coverage in the originals.

Here's an example of the kind of thing it'll be printing;

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