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is pleased to announce that it has expanded beyond the website and has now set up a publishing division called photo-iDVD. This division will produce and publish a series of DVDs on digital photography. The first, a guide to digital photography, was officially launched at the London Book Fair (March, 2006). Due to an outstanding intial success, we are pleased to announce a price reduction to £14.99.

“a guide to digital photography
is an excellent learning resource.”
Amateur Photographer magazine

"The presentation is impressive, with quality pictures and clear explanations, backed up by decent graphics. Ideal for the novice photographer"
What Digital Camera magazine

a guide to digital photography

a guide to digital photography DVD shows you how to get the best results from your digital camera by means of exclusive assignments shot on location. The pictures are manipulated in Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0, (an easy to use application for digital photography), and are in the form of a fully animated screen movie.

Written and presented by Vincent Oliver, photographer and editor of photo-i, this DVD is visual, practical and presented in a user-friendly way. Designed to inform and inspire, the chapters and assignments include:

  • Essentials
  • The essential information and the gear you need to get you started
    Tutorials: Opening and saving photos, selection tools, and clone tool
  • Portraiture
  • Using your gear to get a professional look
    Tutorials: combining head shots, red eye removal, converting to b/w
  • Action
  • Getting instant response from your camera
    Tutorial: adding motion to a still image
  • Architecture
  • From ancient to modern
    Tutorials: correcting perspective, adding a new sky.
  • Landscapes
  • Understanding exposure on location
    Tutorials: correcting slanting horizons, adding creative flare, colour correction
  • Panoramas
  • Taking a bigger picture
    Tutorials: two tutorials on stitching images together
  • Interiors
  • Shot at Canterbury Cathedral. Custom white balance
    Tutorial: combining multiple exposures to make a final picture
  • After Dark
  • Shooting when the sun’s gone down
    Tutorials: colour balance, adding fireworks to a night shot.
Running time: 2 hours, 20 minutes.
Language: English
Format Mac & Win and TV (PAL)
Publisher: photo-i
DVD video. Computer & TV (PAL – 4:3)
User level: Beginner
Price: £15.00 + £3.50 p&p

Produced in association with Canon.

It’s visual, informative and packed with lots of tips and ideas!

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This DVD will play on a computer Mac & Win or on a TV PAL – 4.3 format.
If ordering outside the UK, please check that your TV is compatible.

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5 February 2008

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