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Welcome to the photo-i virtual gallery. Each month we will be showcasing the work of a different digital photographer who we feel has taken their vision beyond the lens.

If you know of a photographer who has inspired you or you would like to nominate, then please drop us a line with a URL link.

Our first featured photographer is Heather McFarland.



Photography really took off for Heather after she purchased her first digital camera back in 1998.  She now uses a Nikon D1X camera with a variety of lenses, her two favourites being the 80-200mm 2.8 Nikkor zoom, and a 60mm Micro Nikkor. Heather tries to get out every day and shoots between 70 – 120 images in RAW format on a variety of subject matter. I shoot almost exclusively in RAW now for the flexibility it gives me over white balance and exposure control.” The majority of the post processing for the featured pictures were done in Corel Photo-paint. Heather also used Corel Painter IX for several of the painted images and actions in Photoshop on a few images.

Heather is particularly drawn to the graphical elements, colour and form,  in everyday objects and scenes. She has recently moved to a rural area in Northern Michigan and has turned her camera on the surrounding landscape. She sells prints from her website and via art dealers in Michigan.

Heather’s visual style is both refreshing and stimulating. She embodies the true spirit of digital photography and her enthusiasm radiates throughout her work.

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February 1, 2007

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