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Canon launches the CanoScan 9900F
The highest performance A4 desktop scanner to date

Canon, leader in imaging technology, is pleased to announce the CanoScan 9900F a new flagship film capable flatbed scanner incorporating two significant technology firsts for Canon. An optical resolution of 3200 x 6400 dpi is achieved from a new 6-line Hyper CCD and a new advanced development of Canon's own FARE automatic film retouching technology has been added called FARE level 2. These features combine to deliver unparalleled quality scans together with outstanding productivity making this the best quality, highest performance flatbed scanner yet from Canon. The CanoScan 9900F is aimed at the high-end photographer and graphic arts professional.

By introducing new technology such as FARE level 2 in the CanoScan 9900F, Canon makes a big step in flatbed scanner development and effectively builds a bridge between professional technology and the consumer. The CanoScan 9900F also boasts a large FAU capable of scanning up to 24 frames of 35mm film in a single scan and a new optical system ensuring that the highest quality reproduction of any original is achieved.

"The CanoScan 9900F is the flagship product in a new scanner line up that we are confident will meet the scanning needs of professionals," says Malcolm Hills, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging in the UK. "The new technologies and Canon's heritage in high quality optics makes this product a true winner in our eyes."

The CanoScan 9900F has a 3200 dpi, 6-line Hyper CCD and 48-bit colour depth for high resolution and outstanding image quality from both film and reflective originals. 3200 dpi is a new level of optical resolution for flatbed scanners, which means even more detail can be extracted from the original and allows bigger scale enlargements for printing without loss of image quality. 48-bit colour depth enables users to extract an exceptional level of colour information from originals.

The high resolution CCD is complimented by a new high quality lens array the Super Galileo 2 lens. This lens, consisting of six individual elements, delivers sharper, brighter images from platen to CCD than any previous Canon scanner. The complex optical arrangement of this lens includes aspherical elements to minimize chromatic aberrations and ensure consistent quality across its entire width by precisely controlling the way in which light travels to the CCD. This ensures colour quality, detail and sharpness of the original is maintained during the digitisation process, by utilizing Canon's expertise in optical design.

The large FAU in the CanoScan 9900F is suitable for 35mm as well as 120 roll and 4"x5" films. The unit has a new design compared to previous models and features a double light condenser sheet to ensure uniform brightness over its large surface area. It also features unique LED light source elements to support advanced FARE level 2 functions.

Productivity and Technologies
The large FAU is able to scan up to 24 frames of 35 mm in one pass or eight mounted 35mm slides, 120 roll or 4 x 5 inch film. USB Hi-Speed and IEEE 1394 Firewire ports combine to give the fastest data transfer speeds for both PC and Mac platforms.

Additionally the CanoScan 9900F features four 'EZ' buttons to completely automate common tasks such as copy, scan to email or multi scan operations. Fast Multi Photo mode (fully automatic scanning of multiple original images) combines with these technologies to make the CanoScan 9900F unparalleled in productivity - up to 24 frames can be scanned to individual files from the touch of a button at incredible speed.

The new FARE level 2 technology is a first for flatbed scanners and will transform the user's ability to make high quality scans without the need for time consuming post scan corrections and retouching. This new technology builds on Canon's previous FARE and FARE Level 1 dust and scratch removal benefits by incorporating two new features - Grain Equalisation and Management and Reconstruction of Colour - for added productivity and even better quality of scans. FARE level 2 delivers high quality scans even from damaged originals. Improving on the original FARE system, this new technology not only takes care of dust and scratch removal but can drastically improve colour from old or faded originals. The Reconstruction of Colour feature examines originals with faded colour and intelligently rebuilds colour quality, for example saturation where required, restoring the image to its original pre-faded colour balance.
Grain Equalisation and Management examines and smoothes out the effects of film grain recorded and visible at higher scanning resolutions. The result is images, which have smoother tones and higher overall quality.

The design of the CanonScan 9900F uses aluminum-pressed plates blending an elegant champagne gold colour with a hairline finish. This is the birth of an elegant scanner featuring the high performance and exquisite design that is expected from Canon's flagship model. The 9900F incorporates thoughtful design throughout. Even the FAU hinge has been engineered to control the weight of the lid as it closes, ensuring the scanner cannot be damaged.

Compatibility and Software
The CanoScan 9900F supports Windows 98 Hi-Speed USB not supported under Win98, 98 SE, Windows 2000 Professional, ME, XP Home and XP Professional and Mac OS. It also offers a full range of imaging software including ScanGear CS-U driver, ScanGear Toolbox for automating common tasks, ArcSoft PhotoStudio image editing and PhotoBase image management software and OmniPage OCR software. Also included are Adobe PS Elements v2.0 and NewSoft Presto Page Management software for archiving and managing documents
scanned to PDF format.

Hi-Speed USB not supported under Win98

Pricing, availability and reader enquiries

The CanoScan 9900F will be available from March 2003 for around £299 Inc VAT.

Reader enquiries: 08705 143723