Canon Bubble Jet i950

Canon launches Bubble Jet i950 with new Micro-Nozzles

Canon, leader in imaging technology, is pleased to announce the Bubble Jet i950 the successor to the highly successful, award winning Bubble Jet S900 photo printer. With the new Bubble Jet i950, Canon introduces even higher print resolution and smaller ink droplet size, setting new standards for professional photo printing.

Maintaining the same ground breaking photo print speeds as the S900 the new Bubble Jet i950 has a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi achieved with a constant ink drop size of just 2 picolitres. The i950 combines Canon's six-ink system and advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology with a new Micro-Nozzle head that delivers tiny ink droplets with accurate and precise drop placement. This makes it a unique and advanced desktop solution for high quality printing - ideal for professional and serious amateur photographers.

"Canon's ongoing commitment to research and development in advanced technology has allowed us to create a printer that sets a new standard and quality level for professional photo printing," says Malcolm Hills, Head of Canon Consumer Imaging in the UK.

Quality and Technology

The new Micro-Nozzles used in the print head of the Bubble Jet i950 are crucial to the quality it is able to achieve. These Micro-Nozzles have an ejection aperture measuring just 10 microns in diameter, far narrower than those of nozzles in competitor products. This narrow opening, in tandem with Canon's short nozzle ejection system, creates consistent ink droplet sizes of 2 picolitres that are fired onto the paper with force and accuracy. The result is a system that is expert at placing ink exactly where it is needed to build a finely detailed image in an amazingly short time. Micro-Nozzles, 2 picolitre droplets and the accuracy of ink placement are all elements of advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology TM. The six-ink system also creates an extremely wide range of tones and grain-free mid-tone areas.

Speed and Function

With the i950, Canon has maintained the high speed photo printing offered by the Bubble Jet S900, despite offering smaller droplet size and increased print resolution that enable its print head to lay down many more droplets of ink per inch. Printing a full A4 borderless photo at 2400 x 1200 dpi with 2 picolitre droplets on Canon's Photo Paper Pro takes just over one minute, while a 4"x6" print can take less than 30 seconds.The efficiency of Canon's Single Ink technology wastage keeps wastage to a minimum and Canon's High Colour inks offer more than 25 years' light fastness on Canon Photo Paper Pro (PR-101) subject to storage and display conditions.

Compatibility and Software

To complement the Bubble Jet i950's technologies, the printer comes with a number of software packages. Canon PhotoRecord is designed for creating multi-image layouts and the resizing of images for different papers. Canon ZoomBrowser EX allows image files to be stored as thumbnails, archived and retouched, and Canon PhotoStitch enables users to join together images to create a panoramic view. Also included are Easy-PhotoPrint and Easy-WebPrint. Easy-PhotoPrint improves the quality of Exif 2.2 compliant digital images using the additional information captured at the time the photograph was taken, resulting in high quality, more natural looking prints. Easy-WebPrint simplifies the printing of Internet pages by scaling down the output so that the entire page is printed even when it extends over multiple screens.

The Bubble Jet i950 is fitted with USB interface and is compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Pricing, availability and reader enquiries

The Bubble Jet i950 will be available from 1 February 2003 for around £289 inc VAT.

Reader enquiries: 08705 143723

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