EPSON Stylus PRO 4000 A2 printer

The new EPSON Stylus Pro 4000 produces photo-quality output at high speed, courtesy of a large colour gamut, excellent colour stability and flexible media handling. The Pro 4000 features Epson MicroPiezo technology, Ultrachrome inks and A2 format capability. The Pro 4000 printer offers professional printers, photographers, artists, designers quality and reliability.

The EPSON Stylus PRO 4000 is the latest in wide format printing, it bridges the gap between the A3 Stylus 2100/2200 and the larger format printers; 7600, 9600 and 10600. The Pro 4000 is designed to produce high quality output for most uses, exhibition graphics, Point Of Sale displays, fine art, photographs and proof printing, without compromising quality on speed or reliability. The Pro 4000 replaces the Stylus Pro 5000 and 5500, the 4000 incorporates a range of innovative new technologies. It introduces an eight colour ink system, print resolution of 2880x1440 dpi, A2 printing and unrivalled cost efficiency.

The PRO 4000 comes with large individual (110ml) EPSON UltraChrome ink cartridges for ease of use and maximum cost efficiency, (the larger 220ml cartridges can also be used, but these protrude from the front).   The new ink-set includes photo black, matt black, light black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, and light magenta, to give the widest possible colour gamut.   Boasting a larger colour gamut than previous models, the Stylus PRO 4000 produces bright, vivid prints with accurate colours and smooth gradients.

Due to its unique ink cartridge set-up, the Stylus PRO 4000 is able to print at a higher speed across a wide range of media.   Depending on the image content, a maximum screen ruling of 100dpi is achievable with the Stylus PRO 4000-C4.   In addition, the Stylus PRO 4000's improved colour stability, enhanced greyscale imaging (yes, the Gray Balancer software is included, well it will be here in the UK) and EPSON MicroPiezo technology enables professional designers to create optimal photographic quality output suitable for display and proofing. The Stylus PRO 4000's colour gamut easily covers EuroScale proofing requirements, whilst providing high colour stability, media flexibility, and high productivity. As a result the device is ideal for layout and contract proofing, where users need accurate prints with a high turnaround, eliminating the need to outsource.

The Stylus PRO 4000 is ideal as either a standalone-printing device or as part of a bigger printing solution with other large format printers.   Designed to address the needs of a range of businesses, the Stylus PRO 4000 comes in four varied models to ensure users obtain the best quality output whatever the requirement.

EPSON Stylus PRO 4000-C8
(Stylus Pro 4000 standard unit)

An 8-colour configuration for professional photographers, fine artist and proofing market.

Ideal for the professional photographer, fine artist and proofing market.   Created to enable designers to see accurate proofs before printing the final version, the device's wide colour gamut and light inks allow reproduction of delicate and vivid colours increasing the quality of output.   Users can now produce colour-critical proofing and short-run printing, with a price-per-page that's economical enough to output at every step of the process.    Simulating industry-standard proofs, the colour seen at the beginning of the process matches the colour printed at the end.

Although Epson list this as an eight colour printer it does not use all eight inks at any one time, The Photo Black and Matt Black cartridges remain in the printer and are used as needed. This printer can be more accurately called a seven ink printer.

The EPSON Stylus PRO 4000-PS
(Stylus Pro 4000 plus PostScript)

An 8-colour configuration for the design agency, professional photographer or fine art production facility with the need for a PostScript RIP

Designed with the professional photographer, fine art production facility or design agency, (from Macintosh or PC) in mind that have a need for a PostScript RIP.   The Stylus PRO 4000-PS offers both colour and monochrome edge-to-edge prints up to A2.   EPSON UltraChrome ink and EPSON MicroPiezo print technology ensures output is photo realistic matching high-street processing quality.   The Stylus PRO 4000-PS uses large ink cartridges to ensure lengthy, high-quality production runs that can be left overnight without the need to replace the ink half way through.   And by printing on roll and cut sheet media up to 43cm in width, unlike most large format printers, the Stylus PRO 4000-PS is one of the most compact professional printing solutions on the market, making it suitable for businesses with small offices and studios.

The EPSON Stylus Pro 4000-Promo
(Stylus Pro 4000 plus Gretag EyeOne)

An 8-colour configuration for professional photographers, fine artist and proofing market

With the same specification as the Stylus PRO 4000-C8 but with the addition of a Gretag EyeOne monitor added as a bundle for twelve months from the launch date.   In addition the Promo comes with entry to colour management software for semi-pro photographers and fine artists to ensure colours are 100% accurate to the original source.

The EPSON Stylus Pro 4000-C4
(Stylus Pro 4000, four colour unit)

A dual CMYK colour configuration (2 x 4) for the CAD and POS markets with a particular emphasis on speed.

For POS displays, posters, exhibition graphics and signage up to A2, the Stylus PRO 4000-C4 ensures a quick turnaround, output is vibrant and accurate, and the printer's ease of use ensures it can be easily operated by anyone.   And for 3D-CAD and GIS applications the printer's high print speed, low cost per print, sharp lines and crisp characters make it the optimum choice for designers, architects and engineers.

Skin tones are well under control as is print dot size

The Stylus Pro 4000 promises to give professional photographers a cost effective replacement to the traditional darkroom. The colour prints I have seen from this printer are stunning, I don't know if Epson have re-formulated the inks but they certainly seem to have more punch than the original 2100 UltraChrome inks, perhaps it is due to better profiles and improved media.

Excellent colours and shadow detail must be due to better profiles

The major surprise with this printer is it's size, this is going to require some serious real estate in your office, it will swallow up the average desk. To this end I am also surprised Epson does not offer an optional stand, I am sure some enterprising company will make one.

Review units are not expected before the end of November so I can't offer you my interactive review at this moment.

Epson 4000 packs in the punch with bold colours


EPSON Stylus PRO 4000 features summary:

  • Support for media up to A2 in size
  • EPSON MicroPiezo with Variable Sized Droplet (smallest droplet size 3.5 pl)
  • EPSON UltraChrome ink (8 inks)
  • Print resolution up to 2880 x 1440 dpi
  • Roll media on 2/3 inch spindle.  
  • Magazine for sheet paper
  • Firewire, USB 2.0, Ethernet connection support
  • Extensive RIP support
  • RRP £1,495 + VAT
  • Customer Enquiry Number 0800 220 546

Full technical specifications

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