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The Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 printer review

Of all the printers I have reviewed over the past five years, the Canon Pro 9500 must be the most elusive. This printer was announced at least 14 months ago and now finally in May 2007 I have one on our test bench.

From the outside the Canon Pro 9500 looks physically the same as their PIXMA Pro 9000 (dye ink printer) but inside the 9500 uses 10 individual “Lucia” pigment ink cartridges which include two blacks and one grey ink for enhanced B/W printing. The longevity advantages of pigment inks have been well documented, I won't go into the pros and cons at this stage but will cover this later in the review. The 9500 includes FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) print heads, delivering 4800 x 2400 dpi using 3 picolitre droplets for true photographic quality. This printer promises to compliment Canon’s EOS range of DSLR cameras, and no doubt many Canon users will be looking at this printer with great interest.

With the popularity of the Epson R2400 and HP B9180 pigment ink printers, the big question has to be - is the Canon Pro 9500 the Cinderella that has missed the ball or has the best been saved till last? Lets take an in-depth look at this printer.

What's in the box?

The Canon Pro 9500
10 individual ink tanks
Photo Magenta, Photo Black, Photo Matt, Photo Cyan, Grey, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, Green and Red
Print head cradle (10 slots)
Power cable - will vary by country
CD-R print tray and insert
Documentation and Driver CDs

The printer package has more or less everything you need to get you up and running, apart from a USB cable and a trial pack of media. I will comment on the inks and installation on the next page. Besides the Installation and Driver CDs there is a plethora of printed materials. Great a useful thick printed manual for a change - hold on the manual only has 12 pages of English text, in fact the manual is printed in 17 languages each taking up 12 pages. The other manual is an equally thick CD -R print guide with a similar layout. Was it really worth chopping down a forest to produce these two manuals? There is also a well illustrated Setup sheet which I shall religiously follow on the next page.

The printer and accessories were all well packed in an easily manageable box. which you could easily fit in an average sized family car - although you may have to leave the kids in the shopping mall.

Installation on next page - to follow

A few words about our interactive reviews;

Each review takes place in real time, I test the printer or other item as I go along - any faults or problems are reported as and when they occur. If I find a solution then I also publish this. You are invited to post requests and comments via a dedicated forum, this way we will test the features that matter to you.


15 May 2007

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