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The EPSON Stylus Photo 1400 review

It's been a while since I last reviewed an Epson dye ink printer. In this interactive review I will be taking an in-depth look at the Epson Stylus Photo 1400, a direct replacement to the popular 1290 A3 printer.

The 1400 uses Epson's Claria ink set, these inks are formulated for premium grade photo quality printing. The ink colouring agents have a stronger and more stable structure, this makes the ink more resistant to atmospheric pollutants and light fade. In short, prints produced with Claria inks should last longer than previous generation dye ink prints.

The 1400 printer looks remarkably like a R1800, at first glance it would seem like it is the same printer. In this review I will compare the 1400 to the 1800 as well as some other manufacturers A3 printers (Canon & HP).

What's in the Box?

Package contents

1. Stylus 1400 printer
2. Six ink individual cartridges
3. Quick start guide
4. CD/DVD printing tray
5. White CD size card
6. Adapter for 8mm disks
7. Installation software
8. Warranty
9. Power cable

USB cable not included

After my recent batch of review printers, it is nice to take delivery of a box that doesn't require two people to lift it. This box can easily fit it in the boot of most cars, which is handy for next time you pop into your computer superstore. As with most printers, there isn't a USB cable included - so make sure you pick one up at the same time. Nor have Epson included a starter pack of media. This is such a shortsighted, penny saving mistake. Surely once people see how much better a photo looks on Epson's own brand media, they won't settle for anything less.

Setting Up

A well illustrated quick start guide is included with this printer, as with previous Epson Guide sheets this is easy to follow. After unpacking and removing countless strips of blue tape, the first task is to power the printer up. The print head cradle moves into position ready for loading the ink cartridges.

On power up the cradle moves into position
Open the cover
Six Claria dye ink cartridges .........
each one has a Chip on board
Remove the tape
and fit each ink into the correct slot
Each cartridge has it's own unique pattern, which means you can't insert it into the wrong slot


Installing the inks only took a few minutes, I like the fact that you can't physically insert a cartridge into a wrong slot, although in the early days of inkjet printers I did experiment with putting the inks in the wrong slots and produced weird and sometimes incredible looking prints. Observant readers will have noticed the Epson chip on board each cartridge, this is there to provide the printer with ink status information, it has never bothered me, this information will save damaging your valuable print heads when the ink runs low.

So far so good, everything is going smoothly, I am surprised at how quite the printer is, especially after sitting in the same room as a large format printer with it's constant fan noise. I will install the drivers and software next

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26 February 2007

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