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Film scanning

As with enlargers (darkroom days) the film carrier needs to be high quality in order to keep the negatives/slides perfectly flat. The two supplied V600 film holders are not the most robust items that I have seen. The V600 just uses a central area for film scans, which means that you can only scan two strips of 35mm film, four mounted slides or a single strip of 120 film. The V750 has a greater capacity, 12 mounted slides, 5 strips of 35mm, 5x4, 120 film etc.

The two supplied holders, not the best I have seen, but they work


For film scanning you first have to remove the white cover on the transparency unit (the lid), this reveals a central scanning area. Fitting the film holder is just simply matching the slot on the left hand side of the scanner, to the tab on the holder. I didn’t like this arrangement as the holder is only held in place by a small tab, I would have preferred a top or bottom slot for a more secure placement. The 35mm holder has four apertures for mounted slides, you should place the slides in the landscape orientation, regardless of how it was shot. The slides actually sit on the glass surface, the holder’s job is just to keep the slides neatly in place. Twist the holder about and now you can load two strips of 35mm film (12 exposures). Strip film is held more securely. The 120 – Medium Format, film holder holds one strip of 120 film, this can scan formats including; 6x45, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 and 6x22.

V600 Scanner ready for print scanning
V600 ready for film scanning


The V600 claims an optical resolution of 6400, a 35mm scan at 6400dpi produces a massive 150mb file. Technical specifications may be one thing, but in reality if the optical quality isn't there then you can claim any resolution you like. In my testing I found that the scanner produced the best performance at 3200dpi. All the samples below were scanned at 3200dpi

Our 35mm test slide
V600 scan detail (100%)
V750 scan detail (100%)
V600 scan with USM applied in Photoshop
V750 scan with USM applied in Photoshop
V6000 scan with USM and Digital ICE
applied in Epson Scan
V750 scan with USM and Digital ICE
applied in Epson Scan


The V600 produced respectable quality film scans but not in the same league as the V750. The scans on the whole are soft from both scanners, but after applying a hefty dose of Unsharp Mask the V750 scans spring into life, but the V600 scans still remained soft. The first two sample scans were made without any sharpening applied, the next two had sharpening applied in Photoshop (USM values 300,1.0, 0) The final two had USM and Digital ICE applied by EpsonScan software.

For the hobbyist the V600 produces good quality film scans, but for the advanced or professional photographer who needs higher quality scans, the V750 or a dedicated film scanner may be a better choice.


March 10, 2010

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