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Canon 9950F

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Canon 9950F scanner
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In my review of the Canon 9900F, I stated that flatbed scanners were now so highly specified and posted the question "Are we seeing the death of the dedicated film scanner?" Well I didn't quite expect Canon to drop their 4000FS film scanner, but this is exactly what they have done. They are that confident with the 9950F flatbed scanner. The unit build quality is solid, with lots of attention to detail throughout - I hope this scanner will be the answer to many photographers dreams. Lets take a look.

What's in the box?

  1. 9950F scanner
  2. 5x4 & 120 film holder
  3. 120 film strip holder
  4. 12 x 35mm slide holder
  5. 30 exp 35mm strip film holder
  6. Two roll film sheaths (anti newton)
  7. Quick start guide & warranty cards
  8. AC adapter
  9. Mains cable
  10. USB cable

The 9950F is well packed with good protective packaging around the four film holders. as with the 9900F there is a separate AC adapter - as opposed to a combined plug/ac adapter. However, given the size of the scanner I wonder why Canon couldn't have made this an internal unit. The unlock switch is located on the base of the scanner, this is a heavy duty looking switch, which wouldn't look out of place on a lawnmower. I guess Canon have built this scanner to last. The film holders are exceptionally well made, I will look at these in greater detail later in the review. Although the quick start manual indicates there is a USB included, there wasn't one in the review unit box, I am assuming that this has been left out on this unit but you should have it included with a retail version.

Not a rocket launcher - just the scanner lock
The rear contacts

To Unlock the scanning unit the quick start guide recommends you turn the scanner on to its side and then move the switch to the unlock state (up), a quick grope under the unit should also be sufficient. There are four ports at the rear; ac power input, FAU connector (Film Adapter Unit), Firewire IEEE1394 and USB ports. I don't know why scanner manufacturers still use an external cable connection, surely this could be incorporated within the hinges. I would have liked an extra Firewire port, as it stands this scanner must be the last item in a Firewire chain - not a major problem.

Driver and Software installation

You should install the drivers before you connect the scanner to the computer. If the Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard appears, then press the cancel button. Under Windows XP the CD Autoruns and you are presented with a list of software applications you can install. A complete installation will occupy 360 MB of hard disk space. I am just going to install the minimum amount of software, ScanGear CS 25 MB (TWAIN driver) and the CanoScan Toolbox 25MB. This basic installation took about five minutes and required the computer to re-boot.

Press Cancel if you see this
Choose install software
Select the required applications

There is a good selection of bundled software; ArcSoft PhotoStudio (35mb) - an image editing application, ScanSoft OmniPage - OCR software (90mb), Newsoft Presto PageManager - Digital document management program (150mb), Adobe Acrobat Reader- PDF file reader (25mb). There is also an Electronic Scanning Guide manual for the scanner which you can either install or read from the CD. There is a full versionof Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 on a separate CD , (Mac & Win) this is an excellent application although Adobe are now on Elements 3 which is even better. The selection of software is excellent and will get you productive after unpacking the scanner. I will not be looking at any of these applications within this review.

Once installed you can connect the scanner up to the mains and computer. I am going to use USB 2.0 for this review. The On/Off switch is located on the front of the scanner, a blue light indicates the scanner is ready for use. I will try some scans on page two of this review.


28 May, 2005

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