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The Three PIGs

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Head to Head review between

HP Photosmart Pro B9180
Canon PIXMA Pro 9500
Epson Stylus Photo R2400

Generally I hate doing group tests, I prefer to cover each printer in greater depth. However, over the last three years I have covered all three printers with their own interactive reviews. Believe it or not the Epson was reviewed in June 2005, which makes this printer the oldest in the group. Perhaps it may be unfair to include the Epson against the other two, but I have confidence that it will hold its own. This review is a supplement to the individual reviews, I will be giving scores as I go along. Please don't compare my results next to those from the original reviews as these marks may no longer be valid, technology has moved on and I will mark them against today's bench mark.

For those readers who have not participated in our interactive reviews, this is how they work. I test the printers and publish as I go along, generally I try to keep in all the details on each test, although I may add one or two paragraphs as I discover better ways of doing things. Please use the FORUM to post your requests or comments, I am sorry but due to time limits I can't personally answer emails - I get about 300 each and every day - most ask the same question.

A matter of size.

Each printer is capable of producing A3+ prints - so which one is the biggest. All pictures are to scale - the camera was locked off on a tri-pod.

Epson in a closed up state -W 24 in (61cm), D 11.5 in (29 cm), H 8.25 in (21cm)
Canon in a closed state - W 26 in (66cm), D 14 in (35.5 cm), H 7.25 in (18.5cm)
HP in a closed state - W 26.75 in (68cm), D 17.5 in (44.5cm), H 9.25 in (23.5 cm)
Epson ready to go - W 24 in (61cm), D 30.25 in (77 cm), H 17.25 in (43.5 cm)
Canon ready to go - W 26 in (66cm), D 33 in (84 cm), H 13.75 in (35 cm)
HP ready to go - W 26.75 in (68cm), D 28 in (71cm), H 9.25 in (23.5 cm)

The Epson is the most compact printer in its closed state, followed by the Canon. The HP has a front loading tray which protrudes at all times. In the extended mode the HP is the most compact.

Besides the physical desk space each of the printers takes up, you must also allow extra clearance at the rear for straight path media. Each printer will needs sufficient room at the rear for the media to hang out.

Physical size scores (closed)


Physical size scores (open)


Running Scores


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4 June 2007

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