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Canon PIXMA iP5000 printer
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The Canon Pixma ip5000 printer

It hardly seems like yesterday when I reviewed my first Canon printer, the Canon BJC-8200 , in fact it was about five years ago. The BJC-8200 offered the user the new BCI 6 ink tanks and an ultra small print dot of about 6 pl. I have tested many Canon models since, and today I am taking a look at the PIXMA ip5000 printer. Interestingly it still uses the same BCI 6 set of ink tanks. That's were the similarity ends. Canon now offer an incredible print drop size of 1 picolitre. This small drop size, is almost invisible to the naked eye, and by using such a small drop you can dispense with the lighter colour inks. So lets take a closer look at this printer.

What's in the box?

Having said that the ip5000 uses the same ink set at the BJC-8200, there is one additional ink that the ip5000 uses and that is the BCI 3eBK - a pigment black ink for text printing only. The package includes; a print head, five ink cartridges CMYBK, and the additional3e pigment BK. A CD printing tray, quick start guide, installation CD, sample pack of paper (5 sheets of 6x4) power cable and the ip5000 unit.

The PIXMA ip5000 ink set
Remove the protective caps on each ink tank
Blue splot - "don't worry about this" Canon.
The full compliment of inks


Connect the printer to the computer via a USB cable (not included) and when the Found New Hardware Wizard jumps into life press the Cancel button. The manual says you should turn off the computer for this next stage. Press the power On button and the print head cradle moves to the centre. Remove the protective cover from the print head and ....... hold on! Whilst doing the close up photography of the print head I have noticed a large blue splot on the actual print head. I rang the Canon consumer technical support number and was reassured that I shouldn't worry about this, it is a protective liquid - funny I have never seen this before on any Canon printer. I will follow the tech support advice and continue with the installation. I have just spoken with my usual contact and enquired about this, I am told that this may appear on some heads as they are randomly selected for testing and this is probably some Cyan ink still in the system. Once installed, the head performs a head cleaning routine. This printer is very quiet.

Printer driver

You should turn off any Anti-Virus software for the next stage. Turn off the printer and place the installation CD disc in your drive. Follow the on screen instructions. Besides the printer driver there are several mini applications that are also loaded; On Line Manual - the detailed guide on how to use the printer (I would still prefer to have a printed manual), PhotoRecord - a simple application for organising your images into albums, Easy Photo-Print - a quick and easy way to print your pictures (this is actually a very good bit of software), Easy Print-Toolbox - a quick way to launch any of these applications, Printer driver - the essential bit that enables your computer to communicate with the printer, Easy Web-Print - this will solve many problems for those who want to print web pages. Finally, CD Label-Print - the application to help you design your CD labels. Please note that CD printing is not available on the North American models, and the circuitry within the printer has not been enabled. This is due to US patents law. An entire installation would occupy 280mb, I am just going to install the printer driver and CD Label-Print, this will take up 90mb of hard drive space.



Once the applications have been installed the printer performs an automatic head alignment, all you have to do is make sure there is a blank sheet of A4 paper in the rear sheet feeder. The whole installation and head alignment took about eight minutes.


8 April, 2005

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