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Adobe Photoshop Elements 6

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It hardly seems like yesterday when Photoshop Elements 5 was launched, actually it was just over a year ago and Adobe has now launched version 6. I am sure this not a deliberate move to generate extra revenue for Adobe, but an upgrade to ensure better compatibility with Windows Vista (version 5 was released before Microsoft released Vista), and of course provide extra features.

Photoshop Elements is a popular image editing application that can do most of the things its big brother Photoshop can, albeit with a few limitations. Elements 6 is packed with features and goodies that should keep you busy during the cold winter months. So let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Looking new?

The overall appearance has been toned down to a dark grey, the interface looks depressingly sombre, although dark grey is a good background colour to use for correcting colours on images. I would have liked an option to brighten up the interface to my own preference.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 interface


The colourful tools, which by default are docked to left edge, stand out against the dark grey interface, but have a less than professional look about them, they look like something lifted from a child’s drawing application rather than a premium application from Adobe. The tools palette can be dragged away from the edge and used as a floating palette, it will only dock to the left edge.

The palettes can each be collapsed or dragged out of the bin and used as a floating palette, each palette has its own set of options such as large, medium, or small icons etc. Hovering the mouse cursor over the left edge of the bin causes it to transform into a double arrow, implying that you can adjust the bin size, not so. Clicking on the edge causes the entire bin to collapse immediately. This doesn’t happen with the bottom Project bin. I am sure Adobe will fix this minor irritation with their usual automatic updates.

Working with several images is easy, opened images can be minimised and viewed as a thumbnail in the Project bin at the base of the workspace, to use an image just double click it or drag it onto the workspace.

November 20, 2007

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