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Exposure techniques – Instant Photographer

As with any art form, a thorough understanding of the basics will help you to master your chosen craft. With photography, be it digital or film, we are dependent on light and knowing how to interpret light is key to producing great photographs.

Digital cameras are far more forgiving than traditional film cameras, especially when shooting with RAW file formats, you have a lot of latitude for any error. However, getting the exposure right at the outset will produce higher quality images. Almost all digital cameras are equipped with advanced metering systems, which should ensure 90% of photographs are going to be more than acceptable, but there are going to be shots which rely on your creative interpretation. You will have a choice of aperture and shutter speed to control the exposure, but knowing how to meter the scene will require you to take a reading from the subject. If the subject is dark then the reading will not be the same if the subject is light.

In this first tutorial on EXPOSURE, I will show you the various ways to use the camera to measure light. This video is just an introduction, I will be going into more depth in future tutorials. Please use the Comments box at the bottom of the page to post your questions or visit the photo-i forum and join in with our conversation.