Panasonic Launches the LUMIX GM1   

17th October 2013 – Panasonic today unveils the LUMIX GM1, marking a completely new series in its pioneering range of LUMIX G Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) cameras. Condensing the powerful performance of the a high-end system into the most compact and stylish LUMIX G body to date, the LUMIX GM1 is the ideal camera for anyone who demands both style and substance with superior image quality. From artists capturing their inspiration to photography enthusiasts looking for the perfect take-anywhere camera, the LUMIX GM1 is ideal for realising your creative vision, wherever you are.

In order to harness this model’s full potential, LUMIX GM1 also launches with a new, advanced 12-32mm /F3.5-F5.6 ASPH lens. Available in silver and black, this new kit lens complements the LUMIX GM1’s colour options of Stylish Black or Classic Orange body to create a powerful style statement.

Outstanding image quality
Featuring a 16 megapixel (MP) Digital Live MOS sensor based on the Micro Four Thirds standard, the LUMIX GM1 captures every scene in true-to-life detail, with accurate colour reproduction and swift, high-resolution rendering. The photodiode at each pixel site is larger, boosting dynamic range, ISO-sensitivity and improving the signal to noise ratio by 25% compared with previous models Compared with the DMC-GX1.

Coupled with Panasonic’s latest Venus Engine image processor, the sensor captures incredible detail even in challenging, low-light conditions. This enables smooth, natural images with finer detail reproduction and minimal noise. The Venus Engine’s advanced Multi-process Noise Reduction detects noise, irrespective of its size, and reduces it effectively while retaining texture and fine details.  The high-precision signal processing also ensures wider dynamic range and homogenised tonal reproduction to create more balanced images with perfect exposure of both highlights and shadows.

The image quality advances of the LUMIX GM1 also mean you can produce video creations in stunning cinematic quality, thanks to the LUMIX GM1’s ability to shoot Full HD (1080p) in AVCHD Progressive or MP4. High quality sound can also be recorded via Dolby Digital, while the Wind Cut function blocks out most of the noise picked up from background wind.

Blistering performance
With the LUMIX GM1 you need never miss another fleeting moment of inspiration. Using contrast autofocus (AF) technology for increased accuracy and speed, the LUMIX’s GM1’s AF Drive works at up to 240fps. This impressive Light Speed AF is possible due to the sensor read-out, image processing and AF-drive in the lens working seamlessly together with the highest possible speed.  The LUMIX GM1 also features high speed burst shooting at 5fps in full 16MP resolution, while AF Tracking enables consecutive shooting of a moving subject in sharp focus at 4fps.

Even more important than pure speed is AF-precision and flexibility.  The LUMIX GM1’s Low Light AF enables accurate focusing even in extreme low-light conditions (down to -4EV), allowing you to capture special moments such as a sleeping baby or wildlife at night in their natural habitat. For selective focusing, Pinpoint AF allows you to magnify one area of the picture from 3x up to 10x and set the focus point exactly where you want it with pin-point precision.  Fixed AF points are no longer a limiting factor and you can be confident that the eyes of your portrait or the delicate petal of a flower will be perfectly in focus.


Redesigned, reengineered, reimagined for performance
In order to pack such powerful performance and incredible imaging into a sophisticated, compact body, Panasonic’s engineering and design teams took the whole concept of the LUMIX G series back to the drawing board, reworking key components to dramatically reduce the size and weight of the LUMIX GM1 without sacrificing image quality and performance.

Dramatic streamlining has been achieved by removing the traditional aluminium diecast frame bonded to the rugged magnesium alloy body, reducing the overall size by around 40 per cent.

The most impressive innovation is a completely redesigned shutter system featuring one physical curtain controlled by a stepping motor while the second curtain is created electronically, removing the large spring mechanism of traditional DLSM and DSLR models. The sensor unit’s Super Sonic Wave Filter (SSWF) and internal filters were also reworked and the integrated flash mechanism occupies a smaller footprint within the camera body.

Reflecting the advanced, sophisticated engineering beneath the surface, the LUMIX GM1 displays a traditional, refined style with aluminium dials.

A premium grip (DMW-HGE1) is available to purchase separately, featuring an aluminium frame and which perfectly complements the camera, both in terms of design and weight, when the 20mm, F1.7 pancake lens is mounted.

Miniature camera, limitless creative freedom 
The perfect camera for professionals and enthusiast photographers to explore their creativity on-the-go, the LUMIX GM1 offers full manual control as well as a host of creative features and easy-shooting guides for beginners.

The three-inch, 1036k-dot (approx.) touch control screen makes it easy to frame the perfect shot, set the focus and even trigger the shutter with just a touch of your finger. Images and video can be played back in stunning colour and incredible detail for immediate sharing, or simply reviewed to check that you get the results exactly as you want them.

A range of 22 creative filters allow you to add a personal touch to any image,  transforming your favourite shots into stylistic works of art with effects like Toy Pop, Dynamic Monochrome and Cross Process. You can create your own Time Lapse Shot or Stop-motion Animation to impress your friends, family and social media site followers.

The LUMIX GM1 also features intelligent auto modes, iA and iA Plus, providing point-and-shoot ease of use by identifying the scene conditions and automatically applying the most appropriate settings to capture the perfect image. Newly-added Intelligent Handheld Night Shot Mode and Intelligent HDR Mode overlay multiple exposures of the same frame to produce one perfectly-exposed image, giving you the freedom to focus on image composition.

Sharing and wireless control 
WiFi connectivity enables the LUMIX GM1 to easily connect with smartphones and tablets, allowing you to post images and clips to social media or email them to friends and family almost as soon as they’ve been recorded. With Instant Transfer, you can also archive your images wirelessly on a PC, using your home wireless network, safeguarding your favourite moments with minimal effort.

The wireless connectivity options also enable Remote Shooting using the Panasonic Image App which is available free of charge for Android and iOS operating systems from their respective app stores, allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet to act as a remote control for LUMIX GM1 – ideal for capturing dangerous situations or shy subjects where it isn’t practical to stay with your camera. You can even control settings such as focus peaking, aperture, shutter speed and ISO, before triggering the shutter release with your smart device and check the results with Remote View prior to retrieving your camera from its position.

Advanced optical performance 
As part of the LUMIX G system, the LUMIX GM1 provides access to the world’s largest range of Micro Four Thirds lenses and accessories, making sure you have the right set-up to capture every moment. This includes the new LUMIX G VARIO 12-32mm Equivalent to 24-64 mm on a 35mm camera /F3.5-F5.6 ASPH kit lens, which packs incredible optical power into a miniaturised body. With eight lens elements, including three aspherical lenses and one Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lens in seven groups, the lens offers a super-compact, lightweight but flexible zoom range.
You can explore the full range of LUMIX G lenses through the new LUMIX G App for iPad, which is available via the iTunes App Store. The app lets you discover the world of Panasonic LUMIX G Micro System Cameras and learn all about the advantages of the mirrorless system, the technologies used, the different models and available lenses.

The Lumix G GM1 will be available from mid November and RRP is £629.



 Lytro announces UK availability of world’s first consumer light field camera

Lytro gives users the ability to refocus pictures after they are taken and capture interactive, living images

London, England. – July 16th, 2013 – Lytro today announces that its consumer light field camera, that offers a new way to take and experience pictures, will be available in the UK from July.

Unlike conventional cameras, the Lytro light field camera captures all rays of light in a scene, providing capabilities that haven’t been seen before, such as the ability to focus a picture after it’s taken. The pocket-sized camera, which offers a powerful 8x optical zoom and f/2 lens in an iconic design, creates interactive “living pictures,” that can be endlessly refocused. The Lytro camera is available in two models and five colours from Dixons Travel, Harrods and John Lewis online, with prices starting from £399.

CLICK on image to select a new focus point

The innovative Lytro camera features a light field sensor that collects the colour, intensity and the direction of every light ray flowing into the camera, capturing fundamentally different data from the scene. This provides users with two initial light field capabilities, including the ability to refocus once a photo is taken and shift the perspective in a scene. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Lytro camera has no unnecessary modes or dials, just two buttons (power and shutter) and an intuitive glass touchscreen that enables pictures to be viewed and refocused directly on the camera.


Making it easy to enhance light field pictures once they’re taken, Lytro also provides users with Living Filters. With a single click, photographers can apply one of nine interactive filters to an image to change the look of it. Additionally, users can share living pictures on the go through the Lytro Mobile App. Camera owners and non-camera owners alike can download the app to experience living pictures on their iOS device, including refocusing pictures and experiencing Perspective Shift, with no special software required.

CLICK on image to select a new focus point

LytroThis announcement marks continued momentum for Lytro, which has seen increasing demand for light field technology in the US and around the world. Jason Rosenthal, CEO of Lytro comments: “With light field technology there is a huge opportunity for creativity in photography that hasn’t been possible in the past. We’ve seen amazing, creative and interactive pictures from camera owners in other countries, and we’re looking forward to seeing living pictures from our UK customers.”

Availability and Price

The Lytro camera is available online at John Lewis from 22nd July through UK distributor Softline, and in retail stores Dixons Travel and Harrods from August, priced at:
·      Graphite, Electric Blue, Moxie Pink: 8GB Lytro Camera- £399.00
·      Red Hot: 16 GB Lytro Camera- £469.00


I have been using the Panasonic GH3 camera for a while now and it is packed with many useful features, my favourite has to be the Electronic shutter release. This is a totally silent shutter, which means I can shoot photographs of TV and stage productions without the performers being aware of any camera clicks etc. The only downside to this function is that the maximum ISO becomes 1600 – the GH3 can go up to ISO 12800 in normal shooting mode. I will be posting more details on the GH3 plus a full review in due course.

photos of the Bromley Youth Chamber Orchestra at Lavenham
shot with the Panasonic GH3  with 12 – 35mm Vario lens using ISO 1600

The GH3 silent shutter is a real bonus for live performances

The GH3 silent shutter is a real bonus in a live performance


Quiet song passages remain quite.

Quiet song passages remain quite.