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Gear to put on your Christmas wish list…


If they really love you a...... A Nikon D80

Recently launched, this is a real Christmas cracker!  It’s Nikon’s most advanced consumer digital SLR yet and features a new high-resolution 10.2 Megapixel DX format CCD sensor for superior sensitivity and low noise and stunning prints.  With continuous shooting at a rapid 3 frames per second, in bursts of up to 100 JPEG images (FINE M-size or smaller) it makes action photography a reality.  One of the major advances developed for the D80 is Nikon’s own high-resolution image processing engine which produces natural-looking images and the 3D color Matrix Metering II ensures accurate automatic exposure control even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

There are a lot of digital cameras out there – and this one has been developed from years of practical, photographic experience.

545 - body only
$950 - body only 




Manfrotto Neotec 458B tripod

Possibly the fastest tripod to put up (but not the cheapest!).  Just pull out the legs to the required height and they lock solidly into place automatically without leg locking collars, levers, knobs, or twists.  There are four leg angle settings and the centre column can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.  Very sturdy – nice piece of gear. (Head not included)


Pack up and go - with the Expedition 5

If your new year’s resolution is to get out and take more pictures, put this on your wish list.  Tamrac offers an extensive selection of well made bags and rucksacks.  This one is a perfect mid-sized pack for a wide range of photographic equipment.  There are plenty of easily accessible but secure pockets to stash away your gear and accessories.  Build quality is excellent and it’s comfortable to carry even when it’s fully loaded. 




For family and friends

Don’t forget photo-I’s guide to digital photography.

Visual, practical and presented in a user-friendly way this DVD contains  2 hours 20minutes of tips and tutorials.  Great for those who are getting started in digital photography.

£15 From here the photo-i site


If Christmas all becomes too much – immerse yourself in this

Creative Vision, by Jeremy Webb, focuses on creativity and encourages photographers and fine artists to explore a range of different disciplines.  It combines digital and traditional photography – no boundaries or entrenched attitudes here.  Lots of thought and visually provoking stuff without a drop-down menu in sight.
If you want to move on from “How To” be inspired with this.


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