Vincent Oliver
Digital Photographer

Vincent Oliver joined the Brigade of Guards at the age of 15 as a musician, playing violin, clarinet and bassoon. Musical duties included playing at Buckingham Palace in the presence of HM Queen Elizabeth as well as other state and ceremonial occasions.

After eight years service, Vincent turned to photography and has now been a professional photographer for 30 years. His photographic work has been varied with much of it based in the television industry - working as freelance for most TV publications and TV companies. Vincent is a member of the Stone (Getty) picture library, for which he supplies original conceptual photography and has manipulated many of his images using a variety of image editing applications.

He has exhibited his work at many places including the Photographers Gallery, London, on a London underground train (Vincent Oliver's Moving Picture Show), at various arts galleries world-wide, and at the Royal Academy of Arts in London (he was the very first photographer to have a photograph accepted for their prestigious Summer Exhibition).

Over the last few years Vincent has been specialising in digital imaging and in this capacity has been acting as a consultant to most major manufacturers, as well as writing for several specialist imaging publications. The photo-i brand has expanded into DVD video productions, a series of photography DVDs are planned for launch in 2006

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