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  1. Include me in as another satisfied Epson V700 Scanner owner, also purchased on the strength of your review, Vincent. I purchased it in November 2009 to scan some 25 year old photos for a relative, and while I haven’t used it much since then, it has served me admirably for what I have used it for. I suspect that scanning will be done much less in the future, certainly by me, but it’s not quite time to junk these devices yet.

    I also enjoy the forums on the Epson R800 and 1800 Printers (RIP) and the 3800/3880, their replacement. Thanks for an excellent and informative site, Vincent!

  2. Just over one year ago, following a study your review of the V700, and mainly on the strength of that, I purchased one. I have never regretted it, and over the last few months have scanned over 5,000 images from 35mm B/W, colour negative and positive film plus quite a few roll films. following much of your in guidance to settings etc. I have been very satisfied. One point on which I agree with you relates to the fragility of the slide retaining clips, as within a short time, a few have gone. After approaching Epson was surprised to be told these masks only had a 30 day warranty. I have persisted, and had a phone call to say that as a goodwill gesture they would forward a replacement. Perhaps this short warranty of the masks,( not clarified in their, literature ) could be added to your review. You initial scepticism of their longivity was correct, and I mentioned to Epson that they should read your review.
    Thanks for the original Guidance, the V700 has already paid its way.

  3. Thank you, I am working on new content this week and will continue the reviews and other features in the same style – after all photography is a fun activity.

  4. I like the photo-i reviews. The comments are very well written, with humor and comparations with other products. Congratulations from Spain.

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