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  1. Hello,

    I’m looking forward to buying a 1500W, and I would like to know a couple of things:

    – first off, Epson doesn’t offer the Ultra Glossy Photo Paper (300gsm, the one that I currently use with my R265 in A4) in A3/A3+… What paper would you suggest that is nearly equivalent and with a good available profile ?
    – secondly, does the 1500W support borderless printing in A3 and A3+, as well as 10x15cm and 13×18 cm ?
    – last question, Epson says that the 1500W can’t print on their fine art papers, is it true, and if so, are there any alternatives that can be used ?

    Thank you very much,


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  3. The 1500 is the better printer, although the photo quality difference will not be that great. If it is the choice between the two then I would go for the latest model, the 1400 has been around for some time and will probably be dropped from Epson’s line up at some time in the near future.

  4. Hi,

    I am planning to get a wide-format printer and came across your review of the Epson 1500W.

    Question is whether this new printer is any better than Epson 1390/1400 in terms of output quality? From what I’m reading, it seems that the output quality are quite similar, but the new printer cannot print on heavier papers while 1390/1400 can.

    Would love to hear your views regarding 1500W vs 1390/1400.

    KG from Singapore

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