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  1. Make sure the Spyder is sitting square on to the screen, i.e. no ambient light is entering the sides. I assume you have set the colour temperature to 6500 Daylight?

    The results should be spot on

  2. Received the Spyder 4 Epress today.
    Installed the software. Very cool btw that starting the installation process defaults to the most recent version on-line, instead of installing and then updating.

    Calibrated following the instructions and as a result the screen now has a blue cast.

    So far, I´m not really impressed…

  3. Hi, 2 questions:
    1. Will I be able to use this on my home pc and my laptop or will I need to buy a license for two?
    2. If I think the pic looks good enough for print on my monitor will it print the same at my Printer, or would I need to have the same calibration as them?

  4. Yes, it will run two monitors of the same card, assuming you have two DVi ports. I run my two Samsung monitors using a nvidia GTX 470 card. Each monitor is calibrated in turn and you also have the option to tune the second monitor for a perfect match.

  5. An idea if the 4 pro will calibrate 2 LED monitors running off the same graphics card? I read somewhere that it can’t. That’s is unfortunate if this is the case as this is my setup. Is there a workaround?

  6. The X-Rite new i1 Display PRO will also let you calibrate and profile. And not only that :will let you do quality control time to time, will let you optimize the screen with Pantone Colors as it includes Pantone Color Manager software with over 11.000 Pantone colors from Pantone (note X-Rite is the owner of Pantone).
    Nothing new in Datacolor Spyder4, same hardware in new packaging. The X-Rite’s i1 Display PRO is ready for the new generation of monitors, can do flare-correction,continous ambient light control and compensation.
    The iphone/ipad – due to Apple’s restrictions on applications/modifications on the devices – can be profiled if it is used via Spyder Gallery. Once you are not using that software, your profile is not used.

  7. Bob,

    Yes, the Spyder 4 will let you enter 90 as a value. The ambient sensor gives you a recommended setting which you can accept or define your own. The ambient recommendation is based on how much light is in the room at any time, so it is best to keep room lighting consistent. However, in a home environment this may not always be possible.

  8. The Spyder takes an ambient reading and adjusts accordingly. I have just produced 12 A2 exhibition prints straight and they are all perfect. I will do some more experimenting with the Spyder values and report back in a video tutorial.

  9. Hi,
    I’m surprised at the brightness value of 180. To keep my prints from looking “too dark” I set my monitor to about 90 using the i1-Pro or i1-Display 2. Can you set the brightness to 90 using the Spyder4 Pro? or Elite? Did you try checking your prints for “too dark” against the calibrated monitor?

  10. In short, Yes. The Spyder4 will calibrate most displays.

    “Spyder4Elite works with your laptop, multiple monitors, front projector, television (with paid software upgrade on website), iPad and even iPhone. It works with LCD, LED, OLED, CRT, DLP and other display technologies.”

  11. I do not have the X-Rite i1 here at the moment, but I will bear this in mind. Just as an extra note. The Spyder4 Calibrates a monitor as well as creating a profile. The competitors colorimeters only profile the monitor.

  12. Being a semi satisfied user of the Spyder3 Pro, I would really like to see a side-by-side comparison of the 4 Elite with x-rite’s i1 Display Pro.

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