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  1. Dear Mr. Oliver,

    When (if at all) will you begin reviewing the newly announced Canon Pixma Pro-1?

    I very much appreciate your thorough, lucid printer reviews.

    I am an enthusiast photographer with several DSLR’s (Canon 30, 40, 5 & 7D’s) and one ยต4/3 camera (Panasonic GF1) but have been – and currently am – using an Epson printer (R1900). I’m a little tired of the smallish ink tanks on the printers I can afford so I want to keep abreast of the reviews of 13″ wide printers with roll paper capacity within my budget constraints for the next time I buy a printer.

    If you’ve no time to reply I completely understand. My thanks to you in any case for the most helpful reviews.

    Michael Stolting

  2. I have taken your site as a reference to buy a photography printer. I was freaking out, I could not remember the address of your site, I just google: photography+.co.uk and there it was photo-i.co.uk. Thanks.

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