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  1. Thank you for the review of ACDSee Pro 3. It encouraged me to download the free trial even though I currently have the Pro 2.5 edition.

    I agree with all your points regarding the software. I really enjoy using it.

    Since I rely on ACDSee to do any adjustments for exposure, color, cropping, etc, I was particularly interested in the new “Process” mode. I assumed the Develop tab in the Process mode was for Raw files only and the Edit tab was for Raw and all other file types. I was surprised to discover that you can adjust jpg files as well as Raw files in the develop tab. The Process mode has more image adjustment features than Pro 2.5 without adversely affecting the speed of the program to update as you teak settings.

    With the Process/Develop tool I was very pleased to see it now gives you the ability to INDEPENDANTLY toggle on/off the effects of each adjustment group (i.e. General, White Balance, Lighting, etc). Once I get the General group adjustments where I want, I can go to the White Balance group and toggle on/off any color changes I make without losing the improvements from the General group adjustments. In Pro 2.5, toggling the color changes would turn all your previous changes on or off as well.

    You can disable the image Pop-Ups while in the File list by going to Tools/Options/File List and then uncheck the box for “mouse cursor hover activates pop-ups”.

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