8 comments on “Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 review

  1. Paint Shop Pro X3 hs a problem with the latest update. Their response is this>
    “Thank you for your e-mail. We have received a report that Service Pack 3 of PaintShop Pro X3 is causing this issue. The workaround here is to uninstall the program and update up to Service Pack 2 only. Do not apply Service Pack 3 yet.”

    The program is up and running properly without service pack 3 installed. Corel is working on a fix.

  2. Long time Paint Shop Pro user but stalled on V8 for many years.

    Recently bought X3 but it is a bucket of problems. The re-write to suit Win7 and to introduce new features left it to be a very troublesome piece of software indeed. I’m running it on both Win7 and XP and same problems appear.

    Many crashes and hangs and features misbehaving plus some serious problems with memory not being released under certain conditions (mostly found with Save-As).

    A great program with great features but needs some response from Corel about fixing it so it can be used reliably for everyday image processing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like the program and will persevere with it until they get it right, but be warned that it is a troublesome beast. Stick with X2 or earlier versions until it’s known that they have fixed it.

    Regards…………. Guy

  3. PaintShop Photo Pro X3 does have some very nice features as shown in our videos. Is it worth upgrading? Well, I would say yes it is for the extra features, it is not a major upgrade, but given the low price, it is a good value product.

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