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DXO Viewpoint review

When shooting buildings with a wide angle lens, the photograph can display unwanted perspective distortions, especially if the camera is tilted upwards to get everything in. There are several solutions to correct these problems including; choosing a longer lens and moving further back, use a Perspective Control lens, or just take the picture and manipulate it in PaintShop Pro X5 or Photoshop. The alternative solution comes from DXO with Viewpoint software.

Uncorrected photo

Uncorrected shot showing building leaning inwards

DXO Viewpoint is an application for correcting perspective and distortions in an image, perspective can be in the vertical or horizontal plane, or even a head on shot that hasn’t been correctly aligned. Viewpoint installs both as a standalone product and as a plug-in to Photoshop or Lightroom. As a standalone version it opens JPEGs or Tiff files  (RAW and Photoshop PSD files are not supported).  However, when using Viewpoint as a plug-in you can use any file that is open in Photoshop or Lightroom.

The DXO Viewpoint interface

The DXO Viewpoint interface

The interface is simple in appearance, the tool bar at the top contains 9 icons; Display Corrected image, Before and After image, Fit to screen, 1:1 view, Zoom settings, Grid, Pointer, Hand and Zoom slider.  On the right hand side are the Correction options; the first panel is Anamorphosis, this corrects distortions made by wide angle lenses. The second panel contains the Keystoning effects. At a simple level you can choose between Vertical, Horizontal or Rectangle. Clicking on the drop down arrow reveals the advanced settings, these enable you to add numeric values for the amount of corrections needed or simply drag the sliders.

The DXO Viewpoint interface

The DXO Viewpoint interface showing before and after

Below this is the Horizon tool, this can be used on a horizontal or on a vertical element in a picture. A slider can also be used to fine tune the correction. The next panel is a crop tool, the correction options are Auto and Manual, plus an Aspect Ratio drop down list which includes several options from Unconstrained, 16:9, 5/4  through to 1/1. The last panel is Visualization Loupe, this is a 100 or 200% magnification of the cursor position or it can be set to magnify the anchor point that is being positioned.

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