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Michael H. Reichmann's comprehensive site devoted to Landscape photography

Ian Burley's UK based site for excellent coverage on all matters digital

Mark Goldstien's UK based web site - a blog site dedicated to all things Photoshop.

Philippe Wiget's collection of useful photo sites

an excellent resource for those who want more technical information on colour

Ian Lyons's site is the place if you need to know more about colour management

Superb scanning software that you shouldn't be without

Cathy can create a custom profile just for you

If you have some spare time on your hands, then check this site out

Phil Askey's site devoted to digital cameras

Large site that covers both digital and film photography

Visit Steve Sanders site for the latest digital camera reviews

Uwe Steinmueller's site is dedicated to outdoor photography with a digital camera

Peter Bargh's experience as a magazine editor shows in this site

Hans Wind's Dutch site has all the digital links you could ever need



January 5, 2008

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