Babington Nativity Performances 2019

I-Spy Christmas
by John and Ruth Kenward
Nursery Performance
Join the Nursery as they celebrate and retell the Christmas Story through song and phonics!

A Miracle in Town
by Niki Davies
Performed by Reception
Jesus, the Son of God, is born in Bethlehem, in a stable under a star – a wonderful miracle that would change the world forever. Join Reception in their
performance of the very first Christmas.

The Landlord’s Cat
by Julia and Antony Copus
Performed by Years 1 & 2
Some children settle down for the night in their onesies with a hot chocolate
ready for their Christmas story. They eagerly watch and listen to the story
unfolding before their eyes.
Life in Bethlehem has never been so hectic, and on the edge of town the
landlord's cats are particularly unimpressed by the noise that is going on
around them. Fed up with being ignored by their owners, the cats are on the
verge of leaving home. But one night a young man and his wife arrive at the
inn and are shown to the stable. To everyone else they seem like an ordinary
couple but cats are wily and intuitive creatures and sense that something very
special is about to happen.

A DVD of the three Christmas performances (recorded on Tuesday 3rd December) will be available to purchase at £15 per copy.

DVD orders placed before December 11th will be delivered to Babington House School office before the end of term, orders placed after the 11th will be posted to address supplied on the order - £2.00 p&p will be added.  

© Vincent Oliver photo-i 2020