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To crop or not to crop

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

So maybe you are considering buying a full frame camera because you want to produce a bigger more detailed photo. I personally like a full frame camera because it gives me the option to crop a photo after taking it, especially if I haven't got a long enough lens to capture the detail I want. In this example I used a 70 - 300mm Nikon lens to capture the Royal Naval college at Greenwich, but I only wanted to show the contrasting architecture new and old. A tight crop in photoshop isolated the important part of the picture, yet still kept enough detail to make an A2 size print. Of course a longer lens would have been useful. The point I am making is, don't be afraid to crop photos, far too often I see images that can be improved with a simple crop.

Shot with Nikon 70 -300mm zoom lens at 300mm

Cropped to highlight the contrast between the old and new

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